Why our Steluda Sunglasses are so special

Martzi Eyewear founder Davide, had the design/vision of the Steluda in his head for a while, and then began to sketch it out on paper. The sketch was then shown to the engineers who ended up making a prototype, and after some final meticulous changes, ended up with the final prototype.
The Steluda unisex frame comes in 3 different stunning acetate colours:
  1. Gloss black frame with gloss black temples that have a crystal clear layer in the inside, showing the strong and durable Italian steelwork.
  1. Havana, which really comes alive when the sun hits it, showing off the bright yellow and reddish-brown colours.
  1. Tortoise, classic acetate colour which will never go out of fashion.
Our Australian manufacturer for our Steluda line, sources a high quality thermoplastic acetate from renowned Italian acetate manufacturer Mazzucchelli.  It is completely biodegradable with a higher percentage of materials coming from natural sources.
Traditional milling machines and laser technology are used to get the precise cuts and curves for the Steluda frame. A four-stage grind and polish process that takes up to 120 hours (five days) to complete is then taken place.  The factory also assemble and polish each individual frame as part of their quality control process.   
Coming from one of Australia’s last remaining eyewear manufacturers, the Steluda frames go through a thorough 60 step process from start to completion, involving high-precision computerised machines, skilled hands, and also quality control at each individual step.
The factory uses machinery with cutting edge technology from France to shape the 100 percent eco-friendly acetate materials into the final product.
The frames are shaped using various widths of acetate sheets and then specialised machines compose them into required thicknesses to be cut into strips.  They are then shaped with more precision machinery.
The engineers then use mechanical and manual sequential heat treatment processes to customize the design, and then an automated tumbling phase to refine the frame.
The last step involves hand-smoothing, polishing and attaching the temples to the frames and finishing off with the insertion of the Zeiss Lens.

We are super excited to be approved to use the famous green and gold kangaroo logo on our Steluda Sunglasses.

Country of Origin Food Labelling

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Australia has high safety and quality standards which are set in law (this means they have to be followed), so products that have been manufactured locally must meet these standards. Also, Australian products usually come with local customer support, so if you need any info about our Australian Made Sunnies, we are just a phone call away.


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