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The Gasparo frame is part of our new Wooden Optical range.  Crafted using Rosewood and Ebony veneer temples with carbon fibre in between, to provide extra strength and durability, and tortoise shell coloured acetate tips. The frame is made from Rosewood veneer with an even thicker carbon fibre strip placed in between to prevent flex.  A hardly noticeable V-slit is cut into the frame on both sides, which can be opened slightly with a small hidden screw situated on the top of the frame, to allow removal and fitting of lens.  

This frame comes with demo lenses, so it's ready for you to take to your local optometrist, who can easily make and fit your own prescription lens into it.


  • Lens Width:         50mm
  • Lens Height:       44mm
  • Frame Width:    138mm
  • Temple Length: 145mm
  • Bridge Width:      24mm


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