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The Samsara sunglasses are a one-piece lens, wayfarer style frame, matched with a set of lightweight rosewood temples.  The lens is a stunning red colour which turns to a yellow/orange, making them the perfect set of sunglasses to be seen with in the sun.

Being an Australian brand, we understand the importance of protecting your eyes from the harsh Australian sun while enjoying an active outdoor lifestyle. We made absolutely no compromise when choosing the best polarized lenses to fit our quality wooden/acetate frames. Each pair of the Samsara frames are fitted with red TAC (Tri Acetate Cellulose) polarized lenses offering protection from the harmful UV rays up to 400 nanometres. Lightweight and highly impact resistant.

Look amazing, enjoy life and protect your eyes with a unique pair of Samsara wooden/acetate sunglasses by Martzi Eyewear.

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