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                                          Blue Light Blocking Glasses


As we are more and more in front of our electronic devices these days, or watching T.V., we thought we would add some stylish blue light blocking glasses to our range.  

Young children are even more sensitive to blue light exposure than adults since the lens of their eyes are more transparent, allowing more HEV (High Energy Visible light) to pass through.  

Our blue light blockers reflect and filter out 30% of the harmful blue light which is more than plenty.  Any lens which are made to block out 50% or more, tend to have a deep yellow/orange tint, and we don't want you to watch a yellow screen!!

There are so many benefits in your child wearing the Zara glasses, and it's not only to look good!! They are made from a thermoplastic TR90 frame, with flexible temples, for extra comfort, durability and flexibility.

Although there’s no scientific evidence that the light emitted by phones and computers causes eye problems, studies show wearing blue light blocking glasses can:


  • Improve symptoms of insomnia
  • Increase sleep amounts and sleep quality
  • Reset circadian rhythms
  • Minimise headaches/migraines
  • Prevent eye strain/squinting
  • Improve cognitive performance, including memory and learning, and how quickly the brain processes information.

Combined with the filtering of blue light and other high energy visible light wavelengths, these anti-glare and anti-reflective glasses can reduce a great deal of eye strain and over-stimulation that comes from our light-rich environments and also have UV400 Protection for your eyes.

The lack of blue light in the evening allows the body to produce melatonin freely, signaling that it is time to prepare for sleep. Excessive exposure to blue light from electronic devices or artificial lighting after the sun has gone down can disrupt our circadian rhythm, (a 24-hour internal clock that is running in the background of your brain and cycles between sleepiness and alertness at regular intervals. It’s also known as your sleep/wake cycle) making it harder to fall asleep or get a good night’s rest.

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